Red Carpet Jewelry Inspiration

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jan 15, 2019

For celebrity inspired style, check out 2019's hottest jewelry trends found right here at My Daily Styles! 


Awards Season Jewelry Style

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jan 10, 2018

Tis the season, for awards season! These red carpet inspired gems are perfect for the every day celebrity in you!


Fall 2017: TV Jewelry Trends

Posted by Abby Purcell | Aug 31, 2017

Hey you, TV lovers! Television's Fall lineup is about to begin, so to celebrate we've featured jewelry trends straight from the small screen!


High Fashion, Low Price Jewelry!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Aug 3, 2017

Here at My Daily Styles, we're proud to provide you with high fashion inspired jewelry at inexpensive prices...check out some of our newest inventory below!


Celeb-Style Mother's Day

Posted by Abby Purcell | May 12, 2017

Inspired by celebrity Moms, these Mother's Day jewelry accessories are beautiful and fashion fresh. 


Golden Globe-Jewelry Recap

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jan 12, 2017

Snow may be falling, the weather is freezing and the Golden Globes are already over!...But don't get too blue, we've got your Golden Globe jewelry recap today!


Swaggy Celebrity Jewelry Style

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 28, 2016

Every once and awhile we like to update you on the latest celebrity jewelry fashions, and this week it's all about those sleek and swaggy street styles.


Grammy's Jewelry Recap!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Feb 25, 2016

The red carpet has revealed its secrets, when the stars took to the spotlight in the newest jewelry fashions. Let's take at look at some gem favorites, and where you can get similar items from My Daily Styles!


Sleek and Sexy Jewelry in 2016

Posted by Abby Purcell | Dec 31, 2015

What's sleeker and sexier than polished black jewelry?! Yes, for 2016, the go-to jewelry color is black and we just can't wait to show you the beautiful black items we have here at My Daily Styles....


Teen Jewelry Trends

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jul 29, 2015

What's hot in teen jewelry this season? We've recently added some new inventory to our website, and much of it is made for your teen girl or guy...just in time for school shopping! Check it out...


Beautiful Beach Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 11, 2015

It's that exciting time for sand, sun and beach fun! Don't forget to accessorize your bathing suit with trendy, colorful jewelry pieces that will glisten up any beachy outfit.


Mother's Day Sparkle

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 29, 2015

Mother's Day is May 10, and we want to help you celebrate those special ladies in your life with elegant, costume jewelry fit for every female fashion statement. 


Go-To Jewelry for Spring Parties

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 23, 2015

The beautiful Spring weather means people are throwing parties to celebrate the sun! For whatever occasion, here's some go-to jewelry favorites for every Spring get-together.


Edgy Jewelry Vibes

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 9, 2015

Every once and awhile, we all need a little funk in our fashion. With these edgy and rocker-inspired jewelry pieces, you'll leave the house chic, cool and with a modern style in your step!


Set Sail for Vacation with Tropical Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 2, 2015

It's time for a vacation! Whether you are leaving now or in a few months, we have the sparkling, sexy and sunny tropical jewelry you need for that vacay on the beach!


Celebrate Passover

Posted by Abby Purcell | Mar 26, 2015

Spring is an exciting time for special occasions and family traditions.

Here at My Daily Styles, we want to help you celebrate Passover this week, with traditional, classic and meaningful pieces of Judaical jewelry for the whole family.


Just in! Just for Guys!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Mar 13, 2015

This just in! New fashion jewelry for every guy. Does he like bracelets? Pendant necklaces with a Star of David charm? Leather jewelry? It's all new...and it's all in style (and inexpensive!) 


Jewelry Lovers in Luck!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Mar 6, 2015

What's a holiday without festive, fun and fashionable jewelry to go with it? Yes, even for St. Patrick's Day you'll find THE perfect "pinch free" accessory from My Daily Styles that will become your favorite lucky charm to wear all year long!


Spring Blues

Posted by Abby Purcell | Feb 19, 2015

Whether you are knee deep in snow or caught in a February heat wave, everyone has the Spring fever. We say, let’s get rid of this chilly, winter air and adorn ourselves with Springtime jewelry to remind us once again of the sweet, sunny Spring!


Love Day Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Feb 4, 2015

This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolates and cards, and gift your lover something they will cherish for years to come. Jewelry. Romantic jewelry is timeless, classic and thoughtful. When your special someone opens up a gift box with a glimmering sterling silver necklace or crystal embedded bracelet, their face will shine and your Valentine’s date will become one to remember forever.


Shopping for Kids? There’s an Accessory for that!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jan 29, 2015

Here at My Daily Styles, we know that jewelry adds to personal style, and even kids and teens have a style that is unique and perfect for them! Be sure to equip your kiddos with the proper jewelry accessories to enhance their fashion confidence, and keep them feeling trendy and fresh.


New Year, New Stylin’ You!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jan 2, 2015

We all have them. New Years Resolutions. Why not make those goals easy this year and establish some resolutions that will make you feel beautiful and new for 2015!


On Time for The New Year

Posted by Abby Purcell | Dec 23, 2014

The New Year is almost here. Be sure that you are keeping track of resolutions and time by purchasing one of our high-quality, fashionable watches for men, women and children.


Holiday Vacation Essentials!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Dec 16, 2014

Are you one of those lucky people going on a tropical holiday vacation? First of all, if you are, we are extremely jealous! Second of all, don’t forget to snag these tropical jewelry favorites before you jet set off to sandy beaches and blues skies.


5 Jewelry Stocking Stuffers Under $9.95!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Dec 3, 2014

That time of year is quickly approaching! And what gift is more unique for your little elves than colorful, trendy jewelry from My Daily Styles? Today, we’ve got you 5 jewelry stocking stuffers for under $9.95! (And don’t forget, everything on our site comes with free shipping!)


We’re Live!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Nov 25, 2014

We are so excited to announce that our new, bright and shiny website is live!


THE Accessory for Your Holiday Parties!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Nov 21, 2014

Here at My Daily Styles, we know that simplistic style is a must for every woman, especially during the holiday season. With parties, events and get-togethers coming up almost every weekend until the New Year, you need to be prepared with sparkling style and fearless fashion with our classic, costume jewelry.


Cheer Up for Sale Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Nov 6, 2014

We know, it is one of those days, right? Sometimes, to add a little cheeriness to your day, you just need to browse through some beautiful pieces of elegant costume jewelry, right? And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that these are our "sale" items, and so splurging isn’t even going to hurt your wallet. In fact, it is going to make your day! We are sure of that. So go ahead! Browse, buy and enjoy these discounted jewelry items, all shipped free!


Charms for Girls

Posted by Abby Purcell | Oct 30, 2014

Here at My Daily Styles, we boast a wide variety of unique and costume jewelry for every member of the family…including the kids! And for your daughter, granddaughter, sister or niece, we have colorful, sparkly and animated jewelry pieces that she’ll be asking for time and time again. Plus, with the holidays coming up, you can’t go wrong browsing through our selection of fashionable, cute and cherished girls jewelry.


Weekend Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Oct 24, 2014

With the lowest prices around, free shipping on ALL of our jewelry, and lightening fast delivery, you can’t afford to NOT check out these weekend favorites.



Frighteningly Fashionable Jewelry for Halloween

Posted by Abby Purcell | Oct 20, 2014

Along with decorating your home in ghosts and ghouls, why not give yourself a funky and glam jewelry look for Halloween? Yes, even your Halloween outfits deserve some jewelry fashion. And what is more chic and spooky than our trendy line of skull and cross bone jewelry?


Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Pink Jewelry!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Oct 8, 2014

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so in honor of the campaign and to help raise awareness of the disease, let’s all wear pink!


Layering Lessons: Necklaces

Posted by Abby Purcell | Sep 26, 2014

Necklaces. In our opinion you can never have enough of them. And quite simply, the major rule for layering your neck jewelry is this: there are no rules! If you looked at the Red Carpet styles, you’d see that there are many ways to layer your fabulous necklaces.


Layering Lessons: Wrist Wear

Posted by Abby Purcell | Sep 19, 2014

Here we are, on week two of our three part series ‘Layering Lessons’! [See last week’s post, here] This week we are talking about wrist wear, and how to wear a lot of it while still looking chic and fashion friendly. So how is it done? As jewelry lovers, we all know that there are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear on your wrists, and that there can never be enough of it…so why not try all of it?


Layering Lessons: Rings

Posted by Abby Purcell | Sep 10, 2014

Today is the beginning of a three part series called ‘Layering Lessons’. Today’s post is all about how to layer rings for a look that is both fashionable and sensible, but in the next couple of weeks we will talk about how to properly layer bracelets, necklaces and much more for the perfect jewelry style. So, rings...


Pendant Necklaces for Every Mood

Posted by Abby Purcell | Sep 4, 2014

This Fall season, what shows more personality and fashion sense than a uniquely crafted pendant necklace? When worn with your favorite outfit, each piece is a beautiful representation of your personal style. Whether you are looking for gold, silver, or multi-colored tones, we have pendant necklaces for every outfit, occasion and mood.


In Style for School

Posted by Abby Purcell | Aug 27, 2014

Everywhere across the country, students from elementary school to college are back in the classroom. And whether you are the student or parent, fashion sense is a definite ‘beginning of school’ essential. At My Daily Styles, we are featuring Back to School jewelry fashions. And with styles for both girls and boys, young and old, we know you will be trendy and and on time for that school bell. Here’s some of our favorite Fall fashions, all found at My Daily Styles.


Your Final Chance For This….

Posted by Abby Purcell | Aug 6, 2014

It’s our final summer sale on My Daily Styles and you can’t let another day go by before you stock up on hot summer favorites that will last all year long.


Wedding Season Favorites!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jul 31, 2014

As we all know, it is wedding season. If you haven’t received a wedding invitation in the mail yet this summer, we are sure it will be happening soon! :) So be ready wedding and check out our website full of wedding jewelry favorites for the bride, groom and all of the wedding party and guests!


EDFORCE Stainless Steel Favorites

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jul 16, 2014

Let’s talk about one of our favorite jewelry brands. EDFORCE stainless steel jewelry is the cream of the crop in chic fashion. Their stunning pieces are unique and sophisticated…and you better believe that we have their pieces for sale all over


We Love America!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 25, 2014

It’s all over the My Daily Styles website! We love America and are celebrating Independence Day with fun and festive summer jewelry. So what are our favorite red, white and blue inspired baubles? Whether it is for hot summer sun or warm nights under the fireworks, these are our picks for 4th of July fashion jewelry!….


On Summer Watches

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 19, 2014

Here at My Daily Styles, we are all about two things: beautiful, costume jewelry and…..WATCHES! Our large selection of bright and colorful watches are perfect for any summer soiree, so keep reading and “watch out” for our favorite fashionable watches.


Jewelry Selections for the Entire Family

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 13, 2014

We don’t know about you, but with Father’s Day coming up this weekend we have had a lot of “men’s jewelry" on the brain. And this got us thinking that costume fashion jewelry really is a style "must" for everyone in the family! So today, we’ve picked out our favorite jewelry selections for each and every member of the family!


Clearance Jewelry for Summer Outfits!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Jun 4, 2014

Here at My Daily Styles, we know that the ideal summer life is worry free and easy, so today on the blog we are keeping it simple for you. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Today we’ve picked out our favorite"on sale" jewelry items, all found on the My Daily Styles website, with much, much more to choose from! And, as always, all orders include FREE shipping! What could be more simple and easy than that? On sale costume fashion jewelry and free shipping!


Bronze Jewelry for a Bronzed Summer

Posted by Abby Purcell | May 30, 2014

It has only been a week or so of really warm, great sunny weather. But we’re already seeing hints of bronzed tan lines which obviously reminds us of bronze jewelry...


Fashion Jewelry for Any “Wednesday” Outfit!

Posted by Abby Purcell | May 14, 2014

There is no better day than a Wednesday to turn your midweek outfit into a showstopper. We are here to prove that no matter what you are wearing today, jewelry is always the perfect fashion accelerator. Whether you are sporting a business suit, dress slacks, jeans or yoga pants, you will find the perfect compliment to your outfit from our wide selection of costume jewelry.


Jewelry Fashions For Every Style!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 30, 2014

Here at My Daily Styles, we don’t just have one kind of jewelry style. Our costume jewelry selection is fashionable, glamorous and expansive so that every personal style is sure to be satisfied. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sporty, chic, classic, modern, trendy or simple jewelry style…we have what you like in colors and designs that are definite show stoppers.


Colorful, Costume Jewelry on Clearance!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 22, 2014

At My Daily Styles, we strive every day to give you the best deals on beautiful, treasured, costume jewelry. We understand that personal style is important, and we also believe that fashion doesn’t always have to come with a huge price tag. So in celebration of you, your personal style, and the beginning of warm, bright springtime weather, we give you: Colorful, Costume Jewelry on Clearance!


Jewelry Set for Ease and Style!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 17, 2014

Alright, jewelry lovers. Here at My Daily Styles we know you all too well! When it comes to picking out your jewelry accessories for the day, it can become difficult to mix and match your pieces to create the best look for your outfit. And we know, because we experience that problem too! Which necklace should you pair with which bracelet? And do these earrings go with this watch or this bangle cuff? Don’t even worry! We have your solution: Jewelry sets!


All About Men’s Jewelry!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 15, 2014

Mostly on the blog it has been all about women’s jewelry. We’ve talked about classic, modern and contemporary styles for girls…but what about the guys? Well, on My Daily Styles, we have all of those jewelry styles and more for the guys out there too! Jewelry is a fashion for guys too, and these are some of our favorites for the hot and in-style guy in your life!


April Fool’s Day Glam Is No Joke!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Apr 1, 2014

Whether you are a fan of April Fool’s Day or not, we here at My Daily Styles can guarantee that our costume, fashion jewelry is no joke! And now that Spring has sprung but with little glimpse of springtime weather, our jewelry is here to make sure that you have a little shine in your life, even if the sun is not shining where you live quite yet!


Discover Fashionable Rose Gold Jewelry

Posted by Abby Purcell | Mar 24, 2014

We don’t know about you, but our new favorite trend in fashion jewelry is rose gold jewelry. But what exactly is rose gold and more importantly, where can you find rose gold pieces on My Daily Styles? Well, rose gold, which is also known as red gold or pink gold, is basically copper mixed with yellow gold. Giving it that beautiful and refined rose-tone, it offers a unique style making it a hot trend in jewelry today. Generally, since rose gold is so desired and valuable, it can be expensive. Thankfully, on My Daily Styles we have stunning costume rose gold jewelry for inexpensive and reasonable prices. With hundreds of different designs in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more, you too can wear the coveted rose gold jewelry.


Gift Yourself Fashionable Jewelry!

Posted by Abby Purcell | Mar 20, 2014

So here we are in the early stages of springtime, and we can’t help but remember that the big “gift giving” holidays are over. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are those holidays where both women and men can count on a few “pick me up” type gifts to get us through the rest of the year. And, of course, jewelry is number one on gifts we love to get, right? Well, unless you are a lucky one with a birthday or anniversary coming up soon, your chances of coming home to a dozen roses and beautiful, shiny jewelry box with untold happiness inside are pretty slim.


Spring Favorites on My Daily Styles

Posted by Ekaterina Kahan | Mar 18, 2014

When it comes to personal style, fashion jewelry is in a category all of its own. And when you add seasonal designs into the mix, it is no problem finding the perfect piece of jewelry for everyone. My Daily Styles is excited for our spring line of custom jewelry fit for every personality.